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What can we do for you?

  • We can provide you with your very own dedicated consultant who will guide you step by step through the audit process starting from obtaining your Business License and/or completing your online ACS workbook to your final audit.
  • We can design and construct your management system around your existing documentation or can supply complete systems upon your request, including all site, venue, client, screening & vetting and HR documents.
  • We can conduct all system audits, management reviews, gap analysis and are able to train your staff on the systems to ensure your organisation raises its standards and meets the criteria required for gaining accreditations with ease.
  • Arrange for the SIA assessment to take place and will be onsite during this process.
  • Once you are ACS approved we will provide you with an after care service where we will continually monitor the processes ensuring compliance so that you maintain your SIA ACS accreditation.