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SIA Business License

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Subject to Ministerial approval, all regulated security businesses will need to hold an SIA business license from 6th April 2015. 

To qualify for the SIA Business License a security business must demonstrate that it is “fit and proper” to supply security industry services.  When processing a business license application, the SIA will consider:

  • Identity & Legal Status
  • Criminality
  • Financial Probity
  • Integrity
  • Competency

It will be a criminal offence for a regulated business to provide licensable individuals to supply security industry services, unless that business has an SIA business license. Regulated businesses will need to apply to the SIA to obtain a business license, and obtain approval for each sector in which they wish to supply security industry services.

The SIA Business License is valid for 5 years and requires yearly visits by an approved body similar to the ACS process.

The SIA Business license has 3 options:

ACS approval covering all the services you provide.  If you supply services not within your scope, you will need to extend your scope to cover these Licensed should be issued once application fee is paid
ISO 9001:2008 with applicable codes of practice covering all the services you provide Licensed should be issued once application fee is paid
Nothing is in place You will need to ensure you are compliant with the applicable code of practice and arrange for an independent body to assess you.  It appears that while you are doing this, you may as well do ISO 9001.